25 đoạn hội thoại tiếng anh bán hàng

25 tình huống hội thoại tiếng anh giao tiếp bán hàng – Bài học các câu tiếng anh bán hàng thông dụng gồm 25 tình huống giao tiếp bằng tiếng anh giữa người bán và người mua.

Trong bài học bạn sẽ được học cách chào khách hàng, hỏi thông tin hàng hóa, lời khuyên, giảm giá, mặc cả và đổi trả hàng trong nhiều tình huống và các món hàng khác nhau như giày dép, quần áo…



Sales: Good afternoon. Has anyone helped you yet?

Man: No, not yet.

Sales: What could I do for you?

Man: I’m looking for some socks?

Sales: What kind of socks?

Man: Well, I’d like to buy some warm winter socks.

Sales: I’m sorry, but we only carry thin dress socks

Man: Do you know where I can buy some winter socks?

Sales: Yes, There’s an outdoor clothing store located on the third level.

Man: Oh, Okey. I’ll try there. Thanks for your help.

Sales: You’re welcome.


Sales: Hello! Can I help you with something?

Man: Yes, please! I’m looking for some ties.

Sales: Well! You’re in luck! Because we have some ties that are on sale today.

Man: Really? Which ones?

Sales: Well! The ties on this rack are 30 to 50% off and the ties on this rack are 60% off

Man: Do you have any silk ties?

Sales: Yes, we do. We have some ties that were made in Thailand.

Man: Really! Can I see a few?

Sales: Sure, They are on sale for 30 to 50% off too, which do you like? Solid color, stripes, on designs.

Man: Oh! I prefer solid colors.

Sales: Ok, how about these?

Man: Oh, there are nice, but do you have a wide tie.

Sales: No, I’m sorry. We only have the thi style

Man: That’s OK! I’ll take these.


Sales: Good morning. May I help you?

Man: Not quite yet! I’m still looking.

Sales: OK, Let me know, if you have any questions

Man: Sure, Thanks. Excuse me! Do you have any items on sale today?

Sales: Yes, the men’s clothing department has the sale on belts.

Man: And where is the men’s clothing department?

Sales: Go straight ahead and turn left.

Man: Thanks, and have a nice day.

Sales: Thanks, you too.



Sales: Hi, Do you need any help?

Woman: Yes, could you tell me how much this shirt costs?

Sales: This shirt is $9.95

Woman: That’s a very reasonable price. Do you have this one in black?

Sales: I’m sorry, we only have this shirt in 4 colors: Grey, pink, blue and green.

Woman: I’d like the one in green, but do you think the color will fade?

Sales: The colors will definitely not fade. These are the pre-washed shirts.

Woman: I’d like the one in green please, but can you tell me, do you have the size XXL, I buy this shirt for my husband and my husband is very big.

Sales: I’m sorry, we only have 4 sizes for this shirt: small, medium, large and extra large.

Woman: Can I see the extra large please?

Sales: Sure, here you are

Woman: I think, this will fit my husband. It’s 100% cotton I wonder if it will shrink after a few washes.

Sales: Maam! These shirts are pre-shrunk. So you don’t need to worry about shrinking.

Woman: That’s good! I’ll take this me please.

Sales: Ok, that will be $9.95

Woman: Here you go! Thank you so much for your help

Sales: You’re welcome ! just one moment please for your change and your receipt.


Sales: Hello! Has anyone taken care of you yet?

Woman: No, not yet! Can you help me find a pair of jeans please?

Sales: Sure! What style do you like?

Woman: I like the loose fitting style

Sales: And what is your size?

Woman: My waist size is 29 inches

Sales: What length are you looking for?

Woman: Approximately 30 inches.

Sales: What color do you like? We have black, light blue and navy blue

Woman: I like the navy blue.

Sales: You might be interested in these.

Woman: Yes. I like this style very much.

Sales: They are very popular, we sell a lot of them.

Woman: Can I try them on.

Sales: Yes, of course. The fitting rooms are overthere on your left.


Sales: Hello! Can I help you with something?

Man: Yes, please! I’m looking for some ties.

Sales: Well! You’re in luck! Because we have some ties that are on sale today.

Man: Really? Which ones?

Sales: Well! The ties on this rack are 30 to 50% off and the ties on this rack are 60% off

Man: Do you have any silk ties?

Sales: Yes, we do. We have some ties that were made in Thailand.

Man: Really! Can I see a few?

Sales: Sure, They are on sale for 30 to 50% off too, which do you like? Solid color, stripes, on designs.

Man: Oh! I prefer solid colors.

Sales: Ok, how about these?

Man: Oh, there are nice, but do you have a wide tie.

Sales: No, I’m sorry. We only have the thi style

Man: That’s OK! I’ll take these.



Sales: Hi, is there anything I can help you with?

Man:Yes, I’m going to a friend’s house warming party and I will appreciate some suggestions on what gift to buy.

Sales: Sir, How about some detergents and utensils to help clean the house?

Man:Oh, I’m sure other people will also buy detergents.

Sales: What about a nice fruit basket? It’s simple.

Man:No, I was thinking about getting them something more useful around the house.

Sales: Is your friend a man?


Sales: Perhaps he likes fixing thing around the house, maybe you can get him a set of tools.

Man:That’s a great idea! I’ll get him a tool box.

Sales: You can find it in the hardware section located on the third floor.

Man:Ok, thank you so much.

Sales: You’re welcome.


Sales: Hello! What can I do for you?

Man: Well, I’m looking for a new outfit for this weekend.

Sales: May I ask what the occasion will be?

Man: Yes, it’s a casual party.

Sales: Would this be for yourself ?

Man: Yes

Sales: What price range are you thinking about ?

Man: I’m looking to spend between 150 and 200 dollars.

Sales: We can start by lookingat some pants.

Man: I’d like these navy blue slacks. How much are they ?

Sales: These are 60 dollars, would you like to try them on ?

Man: Yes, please

Man: I really like these slacks, what color shirt will go well with them ?

Sales: Well if you are really brave, I would recommend this red shirt.

Man: Do you have anything else?

Sales: We have these silk shirts ?

Man: How much are they?

Sales: These silk shirts are 60 dollars. Would you like to try them on?

Man: Yes, Please.

Man: I’d like the texture of silk, but I think these shirts are too tight for me. Do you have anything with the loose fit.

Sales: Yes, do you like this loose fit shirt.

Man: Yes, I do. I’ll take the black and white one please

Sales: But, Don’t you think this one is nice too?

Man: I think I have done here please

Sales: OK, very well!

Please pay at the cashier counter over there.

Man: Thank you very much for your help

Sales: Sure.


Sales: May I help you?

Man: Father’s day approaching and I’d like to get a gift for my dad.

Sales: Do you have any ideas for the gift?

Man: Not really! I thought, I’ll shop around for some ideas first?

Sales: How about some clothing?

Man: No, not clothing. I get him clothing every year. This year, I want to do something a little bit different.

Sales: Would you like to look at our men’s accessories

Man: Sure, what do you suggest?

Sales: Oh! That depends! Does your father wear suits?

Man: Oh yes! He’s a bussinessman, He wears suits everyday

Sales: Then Would you like to look at our tie clips or cuff-links?

Man: That sound great! Let’s see cufflinks

Sales: Sure, step over the counter with me and I’ll show you what we have.



Sales: Good afternoon. Is someone taking care of you?

Man: No, not yet. Could I ask you about the prices for these shoes?

Sales: Yes, Which shoes are you interested in?

Man: I’m interested in these two pairs of shoes.

Sales: The first pair is 65 dollars and the second pair, which just arrived yesterday, is 85 dollars.

Man: They are quite expensive! Could you give me a discount?

Sales: I’m sorry, sir. The prices are fixed through-out the store.

Man: Could you give me a discount if I bough both pairs of shoes?

Sales: I’m really sorry, sir, but there is no bargaining in this store.

Man: OK. A discount really would have helped me to buy both pairs of shoes.

Sales: Sir, if you need shoes with lower prices, I could show you some.

Man: No, that’s Ok. I’ll take this pair.

Sales: Alright then. That will be 85 dollars.


Sales: Good morning. How are you?

Woman: I’m very well, thank you.

Sales: I would like to direct your attention to the televisions.

Woman: They’re very nice. The overall design is very modern and sleek. How much are they?

Sales: Well, the 14 inch, the 20 inch, and the 21 inch are $110, $180 and $210 respectively.

Woman: I really like the 21 inch. Do you give discount?

Sales: The televisions are already on sale, these prices are sale prices, 20% off the regular price.

Woman: Oh. But I was expecting bigger discounts.

Sales: I’m sorry. And I should mention to you that this is a special promotion sales for a limited time only.

Woman: Maybe I should wait for a clearance sale.

Sales: You could do that, but the model you want may no longer be in stock.

Woman: Ok, It’s a little bit expensive, but I’ll go for the 21 inch.


Sales: Hello. How may I help you?

Woman: I’ve come to buy the new sony stereo which was advertised in the newspaper last week.

Sales: That’s just right over here.

Woman: The price for the new model was advertised at a hundred and seventy nine dollars but the price on the price tag shows a hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

Sales: Yes. The $179 was for the weekend sale. the weekeend’s over now.

Woman: But I came in expecting it to be a hundred and seventy nine dollars.

Sales: I’m sory ma’am but as you’ve missed the weekend sales period. I’m afraid I cannot offer you the weekend sales price.

Woman: Let me talk to the manager.

Sales: Ok. One moment please. Hello Simmon. Can you help me with some customer service please over sony. Thank you. One moment please.

Manager: Good afternoon. How can I be of service to you?

Woman: I came in expecting to buy the new Sony model for the advertised price of a hundred and seventy nine dollars but your sales person tells me I have missed the sale period.

Manager: See. It is correct that the sales price was only for the weekend. However, If you purchase the stereo for the regular price of one hundred and ninety-nine dollars. What I could do is give you discount coupons for your next purchase at our store.

Woman: Okay, thank you. Then I will take the stereo and the discount coupon.

Manager: Great.



Sales: Hi. How can I help you?

Man: Yes. I’d like to buy a new gsm phone with internet capabilities.

Sales: Hmm. I think this panasonic would be the best phone for you.

Man: How much is it?

Sales: It’s only 375 dollars.

Man: That’s too expensive. The last panasonic model that I bought was only 250 dollars.

Sales: Yes. Well. The internet capability has pushed up the cost of phone. Really, 375 dollars is not that expensive.

Man: Oh. Could you lower the price to 300 dollars?

Sales: No. That the best I can do for you is 340.

Man: Ok. I’ll take this new panasonic model.


Man: How much is this polo-neck T-shirt?

Sales: It is $25

Man: We would like to ask for you to reduce your prices to us.

Sales: How much of a reduction in price do you need?

Man: between 10 and 15%

Sales: Well, we could reduce your price by 5%. And if you buy more than 50 units, we can give you an additional 5% discount
Man: Fair enough

Sales: Deal


Sales: Hello. How can I help you?

Man: I’m looking to buy a car for my wife.

Sales: Did you have a specific model in mind?

Man: Yes. I’m most interested in the BMW with automatic transmission and full option package that’s a very popular model at the moment.

Sales: It is 135000 dollars

Man: That seems quite expensive. Is it possible you could give me a discount?

Sales: The best we could do is 132000 dollars. Additionally, we will also include three hundred dollars worth of shopping coupons at central department store

Man: Maybe you could throw in a spoiler and other accessories or perhaps you could absorb the cost of insurance.

Sales: I’ll have to check my manager. Please hold on for a moment. In addition to the three hundred dollar discount and the three hundred dollar shopping coupons will also include the spoiler and CD player as for insurance you’ll have to pay for that yourself.

Man: Okay. Thank you very much. I’ll take the BMW.

Sales: Great. Come this way someone will show you to sign the necessary forms.



Woman: Excuse me. Could you help me for a moment?

Sales: Certainly, what can I do for you?

Woman: Well, I think there might be some mistake about phone prices in your store.

Sales: Really? Can you tell me some more details about this mistake?

Woman: Yes. Well, the price quoted on the special advertisement for this suit was 25 dollars. But the tag on the suit says 30 dollars. What is the correct price?

Sales: I don’t know I am going to check. One moment, please. You are right. This suit should only be 25 dollars. I am so sorry about the confusion. I am going to find out who’s responsible for this mistake and have them correct it right away.

Woman: Thank you.

Sales: Thank you for helping us.


Man: Good afternoon.

Sales: Good afternoon. Will this be all?

Man: Yes, just one pair of paints.

Sales: That will be $39.99

Man: Wait a second. I thought the sign back there said $29.99 for these pants.

Sales: Really? Let me try to re-scan the bar code and see. The computer still shows the price of $39.99. Let me check with the floor salesperson. Please wait a moment.

Man: Thank you.

Sales: The price is $39.99. You may have misread the prices.

Man: Ok. Well, is it possible to cancel this purchase? I would like to look for another pair of paints.

Sales: Sure.

Man: Thank you.

Sales: You’re welcome


Sales: May I help you?

Woman: Yes. I am looking for the Ralph Lauren cosmetics set.

Sales: Great! You are in luck. We still have three set left.

Woman: Great. I will take one, please.

Sales: It comes with a complimentary bag.

Woman: How nice! Is there more than one color for the bag?

Sales: Actually, we have two colors, silver and black. Which one would you like?

Woman: I’ll take the black one, please.

Sales: Great! That will be 85 dollars.

Woman: Excuse me! According to the advertisement in a magazine this month. One that cost $65.

Sales: Yes. The ad quotes $65 for the set but you must bring the ad in order to receive the discount. Let me check with my manager whether we can still give it to you with a discount.

Woman: The manager has agreed to give it to you for $65.

Sales: Thank you so much.

Woman: You’re welcome.



Sales: Can I help you find anything else?

Woman: No, that should do it.

Sales: How would you like to pay today?

Woman: Do you accept Master card?

Sales: No, I am sorry. We only accept Visa.

Woman: All right, then I’ll pay with my Visa card.

Sales: Ok, wait a moment, please. I am sorry. This card has been denied.

Woman: I wonder what the problem is.

Sales: Well, the computer indicates to contact your bank.

Woman: Alright. I’ll do that immediately. It looks like I will be paying with cash today. I am so sorry for the trouble.

Sales: It’s quite all right.


Sales: Have you found what you were looking for, sir?

Man: Yes, I have, thank you. I am ready to pay.

Sales: Will you be paying by cash or credit?

Man: Oh, credit, please.

Sales: I am very sorry. There seems to be problem with your credit card. The transaction is not going through.

Man: Really? What’s the matter?

Sales: I am not sure. The computer notes to contact your bank.

Man: Can you try the card again?

Sales: Madam, I already tried the transaction three times. I still receive the same message.

Man: All right. Can you try this Master card?

Sales: Sure, wait a moment. Ok. This one works just fine. Your total is $28.18. please sign the receipt right here.

Man: Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.

Sales: Not a problem.


Sales: May I help you, sir?

Man: Is this tie on sale?

Sales: Yes it is.

Man: How much is it?

Sales: It’s $14.99

Man: Can I pay with my Visa card?

Sales: Sure.

Man: Here you are.

Sales: Thank you. Could you please sign here?

Man: Ok.

Sales: Here’s your receipt.

Man: Thank you.

Sales: Please come again.



Sales: Could I help you?

Man: Yes, I’d like to return these shoes, please.

Sales: What seems to be the problem?

Man: The sole is coming off of the right shoes.

Sales: Really? Do you have a receipt?

Man: Yes, I do.

Sales: You may exchange the shoes with any item with the same price.

Man: Actually, I like these shoes very much. Could I exchange them for another pair?

Sales: Of course, you may.

Man: Although, do you have the same style of shoes in a darker color?

Sales: Let me check our stock. Yes, we carry a black pair and a navy blue pair.

Man: Great. I’ll exchange these for the navy blue pair, please.


Sales: May I help you?

Woman: I’d like to return this shirt.

Sales: I am sorry, we only have an exchange policy.

Woman: What is your exchange policy?

Sales: You can exchange this item for any item equivalent to the shirt’s price.

Woman: I see. In that case, I may browse around a bit.

Sales: Sure, feel free. Take your time.

Woman: Thank you. I don’t see anything else I like. Is it possible to get the same shirt but only one size larger?

Sales: I am sorry. We don’t have this color but we do have this size in other color.

Woman: Alright then. I’ll look at some other colors.

Sales: Okay. Let me know if you’re interested in anything you see.

Woman: Thank you.


Sales: Hello, madam. May I help you?

Woman: Yes. I bought this purse last week and now the zipper doesn’t work properly. Can I get my money back?

Sales: Oh, I am sorry, madam, but our store does not have a refund policy. You may exchange it for another purse.

Woman: Do I have to get another purse?

Sales: No, not actually. You can exchange it for any item of equal price.

Woman: Oh, that sounds good. May I take a look around?

Sales: Yes, of course, take your time.

Woman: Could I see some of your woman’s wallets?

Sales: Yes. Actually, yesterday we just received a shipment of some really nice leather wallets for men and women.

Woman: May I see the wallets that snap closed?

Sales: Sure. What color would you like, brown or black?

Woman: Brown sounds nice.

Sales: Follow me, please.



Sales: Hello. P&J Flower. This is Stephane speaking.

Man: Hello. I would like to order a dozen roses.

Sales: Would you like it in a box or a bouquet?

Man: I would like a dozen red roses in a box, with a card that says “I love you. From Lee.”

Sales: How sweet. Would you like anything else with it? Perhaps a box of chocolates or a teddy bear?

Man: No, thank you.

Sales: When are you going to pick it up?

Man: No, I would like those flowers delivered by 7p.m to Miss Melanie Larson at 133 Sequoia Lane in Glendale.

Sales: Could you spell the “Sequoia” for me?

Man: Certainly. S-E-Q-U-O-I-A.

Sales: Thank you. The delivery will be arranged.

Man: Excuse me. How much is that?

Sales: That will be 70 dollars.

Man: Ok. Since I am not in town, can I pay by my Visa card?

Sales: Sure. May I have your credit card information?

Man: Yes, my name is Lee King. I will use my Visa card. The number is 7543 2811 3049 7227 and that expires December 25th 2017.

Sales: Thank you very much.

Man: Thank you.


Sales: Hello. MA Books. This is Claire speaking. How can I help you?

Man: Yes, I am looking for J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring trilogy. Do you have it in stock?

Sales: Just a moment while I check our inventory, sir. Yes, we have the trilogy in stock. You would like one set, I assume?

Man: Actually, I would like 2 sets, please.

Sales: Ok, 2 sets at $17 each, plus $4 for shipping comes to $38. May I have your credit card information?

Man: Yes. My name’s Andrew Arnold, and I will be using Master Card. The credit card number is 7160 4218 9397 1432, with the expiration date July 15th 2017.

Sales: I also need your home address, phone number and email, please.

Man: Ok. My address is 4/10 Parkwood, Baltimore and my phone number is 410-488-3297.

Sales: Ok, may I have your zip code, please?

Man: Oh. My zip code is 21206.

Sales: And your email?

Man: My email address is MFILMS@hotmail.com

Sales: Great. Ok, I’ll get those books out today and you should receive them within the next three days.

Man: Thank you.

Sales: You’re welcome. And thank you for shopping at AM Books.

Man: Goodbye.



Sales: Good morning. May I help you?

Man: Yes. I would like an explanation on how the extra large shirt that I bought two days ago now look like an extra small shirt after just one wash.

Sales: Sir. May I see the shirt?

Man: Yes. You may see the extra small shirt.

Sales: It’s amazing how much it shrunk.

Man: Yes. It is. It is now the right site for my young son.

Sales: Sir. Did you read the washing directions before you did your laundry?

Man: No. I just washed in hot water with all the rest of my clothes.

Sales: Sir. The washing directions clearly indicate that you do not wash it in hot water.

Man: Really?

Sales: Yes. I’m sorry I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do to help you.

Man: Well. Then I guess my son it’s got a new shirt


Sales: Has anyone waited on you yet ma’am?

Woman: Not yet

Sales: What can I help you with?

Woman: I purchased this shirt for my husband last week and I’d like to return it.

Sales: What is the problem with the shirt?

Woman: Well. I washed it once and the color has faded.

Sales: Oh. Did you follow the washing instructions on the shirt tag?

Woman: Of course. I did exactly what the instructions indicate to do.

Sales: Oh. Do you have a receipt?

Woman: Yes. Here it is. I’m not too happy about this because when the color faded it ruined some of the color clothing.

Sales: I’m very sorry to hear that. The only thing I can do is refund the price with a shirt.

Woman: At least you can do that. Thank you.

Sales: All right. Could you please fill out the return form?

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