Luyện nghe “A Bug’s Life”

A bug’s life is difficult. The ants on Ant Island are always working. All day, every day they have to find food. The grasshoppers come and take the food. The ants have to find more and more. They are tired!

This is Flik. He is kind and very funny. He tries to help, but he makes a lot of mistakes.

Look! The food is falling.

Oh, no, Flik! Now there is no food for the grasshoppers!

The grasshoppers arrive and they are very angry because there is no food for them. The ants are scared. They cannot fight the grasshoppers. The grasshoppers are bigger and stronger than the ants.

The ants are also angry because Flik always makes mistakes. Now they have to find more food.

But Flik has an idea. He can go to the city and he can find bigger bugs.

The bigger bugs can help them. The bigger bugs can fight the grasshoppers.

The ants do not like Flik’s idea. They think it is a big mistake! But they let him go.

Flik arrives in the city and he is excited.
There are a lot of big, strong bugs.
Perhaps they can help Flik with the problem on Ant Island.

He meets some circus bugs.

They are loud and fun and BIG!

The circus bugs can fight the grasshoppers! Flik invites them to Ant Island.

The circus bugs want to leave quickly for Ant Island.
They do not understand Flik’s dangerous idea … they want to perform for the ants and the grasshoppers.

On Ant Island, the ants are working all day and all night. They have to find more food for the grasshoppers because of Flik’s mistake. It is very difficult and they are tired.

Then suddenly, the ants see Flik with the circus bugs. The circus bugs are funny, but they are also big and strong.

Perhaps Flik is right and the circus bugs can help.

The ants meet the circus bugs and welcome them to Ant Island. The ant children have a present for the circus bugs. It is a big picture. It shows the circus bugs with the grasshoppers… they are fighting!

Suddenly, the circus bugs understand what the ants want. They are scared. They do not want to fight the grasshoppers. They want to perform for them.

Then, Flik has an idea. He speaks to the circus bugs and the ants. What are grasshoppers afraid of? Grasshoppers hate birds.

Flik wants to make a bird. A very BIG bird. The bird can scare the grasshoppers!

The circus bugs and the ants are excited now because they do not have to fight. Together, they make a big, beautiful bird.

Flik climbs inside the bird and flies it. He smiles. The bird is great, but can it fool the grasshoppers?

The grasshoppers come back to Ant Island. They are angry and they want food. But the ants want to show the grasshoppers their circus first. The grasshoppers sit and watch the circus bugs.

The circus bugs are funny. They sing and jump and throw balls.

The grasshoppers like the circus. Flik quietly climbs inside the bird. The bird starts to fly up. Then it falls down, down, down …. The grasshoppers are very scared!

Then the bird falls through the sky. <<Crash!>> Flik climbs out. Now the grasshoppers understand Flik’s plan. The bird is not real! They are very angry.

Flik looks at the circus bugs and the ants. They are small, but together they are big and strong. Together, they can fight the grasshoppers. The grasshoppers are surprised that the ants want to fight back!

Suddenly, the grasshopppers look up. There is a big, hungry bird in the sky. It is real, it is looking at them and it is coming closer! The grasshoppers run away from Ant Island … very QUICKLY!

The ants clap to say thank you to the circus bugs. The circus bugs go back to the city. The ants are happy now. A bug’s life does not have to be difficult! Sometimes it can be fun!

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